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x5 AK-47 | Redline - GIVEAWAY! (1 days)
CSGORAIN.US – All participants bring items or skins from CS:GO to the service. Once the necessary number of items has been reached or the time for the game
has passed the system randomly selects a winner and awards them all the items.
It's easy
The more items you bet, and the more valuable they are, the better your chance of hitting the jackpot!
But even if you deposit the minimum value you still have a chance to win all the items!
You pay your items through the "Bet items", sending our trade bot. You can bet a maximum of skins per round, the total sum of which shouldn't be less than $.
We translate your items to points according to their price. 1 cent of price is equal to value of 1 point (1$ - 100 points). Chance of win depends on points. The more skins you bet - the better your chance of winning
When round has reached skins, we collect all points together and randomly choose one winner, but the priority of those participants who points more than the others. Winner Takes All items of the round.
  1. The maximum number of items per player is per game. The minimum value for the items in a given bet is $.
  2. If any item comes to the "bank" for the last deposit and counter items passes a certain threshold, they will be considered in the current round, because the user has made their participation in the current, rather than the previous round.
  3. For the development of the site and the competitions, we will charge a commission from each game - 10% from all game items. But you can add CSGORAIN.US to your nickname for +5% to prize, your comission will be 5%. After nickname change you should relogin on site.
  4. Deposits and win offers comes very fast (up to 5 minutes).
  5. Every time betting items you agree with the rules of use of the site.
  6. We accept only CS:GO items, offers with other items will be declined. We can guarantee correct item price only if that item exists on Steam trade market, otherwise your item can be incorrectly evaluated.
  7. You have guarantee of receipt items up to 5 minutes from end of the round. After this time, we are not responsible for any lost items.
  8. If you canceled the exchange or sent a counter-proposal after the victory, then your stuff will not be returned to you as the boat is not designed to re-send items.
  9. If our bot banned within 30 minutes from the end of the match, we will refund your bid only, not winning.
  10. If you bet within 30 seconds before the end of the match, then there is a possibility that your skins will fall to the next game. We do not take responsibility for it: Steam is not always instantly handles exchanges.
jose young CSGORAIN.US
you go win mate
jose young CSGORAIN.US
if you deposit more one skin
jose young CSGORAIN.US
i told you
maybe trade
Join boys
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